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OUR GALLERY, 1070 Vienna
We are closed 13. January - 15. March 2020!
The NEXTART jewelry gallery in Vienna's 7th district, Spittelberggasse 15, lies in the heart of Spittelberg. The pedestrian zone is not just for tourists but for many connoisseurs of Vienna. With its beautiful revitalized Biedermeier houses, the popular neighborhood combines art, culture, and cuisine. Our NEXTART jewelry gallery is tucked in one of the loveliest streets of this romantic area and is just a short stroll away from the city center.

NEXTART offers a great and exclusive selection of jewelry from various international designers, with whom we have been working many years. Our chic collections range from subtle earrings to exceptional Collier necklaces, from colorful funky necklaces to elegant bracelets. In our gallery in Vienna, we offer a variety of beautiful pieces that range in price and can only be found in our shop!

We look forward to showing you the unmistakable variety of our jewelry selection.

Monday to Friday from 14:00 - 18:00 and
Saturday from 10:00 - 14:00

Some new collections are arriving just in time for the holidays! This season we are introducing a brand new line from our German design label which combines glittering zirconia with frosted plexiglass and puristic metal shapes. Items in this series include adjustable rings, classic earrings, modern necklaces, and unique cuff bracelets. Also available are many one-of-a-kind collarette necklaces made with feather light woven metal threads. These stylish and contemporary pieces are available in gold, silver, antique silver, and copper/rose gold tones.

We are expanding our assortment of popular Make-A-Change earrings! In addition to the classic round form, Make-A-Change earrings are now also available in the rhombus version with 15 changeable colored discs.

You can't go wrong with black and gold! Newly arrived are many unusual pieces from our greek designer, who combines geometric metal surfances with modern materials such as rubber, leather, and metal tassels. The result is playful yet classic, contemporary yet timeless, and every piece is an absolute eye-catcher.

NEXTART 1010 | Habsburgergasse 14 | 1010 Vienna | Mo - Fr: 11 - 18 | Sa: 11 - 15
NEXTART 1070 | Spittelberggasse 15 | 1070 Vienna | Mo - Fr: 14 - 18 | Sa: 10 - 14
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